When will i get my photos?

For weddings, generally 3-6 weeks. For couples, engagements, proposals, family, etc, about 1-2 weeks.

Where are you located?

I am located in Oklahoma City!

Do you travel?

I sure can! I love roadtrips + can definitely travel to a location where you'd want your session to be! Just let me know where in your contact form!

DoI have to order prints through you?

You do not have to order prints through me, but I would be happy to give you insight on places to buy that would give you great quality prints!

How will i receive my images?

For each sessions, wedding or other photos you book, will get an email with a private link to access + view your professionally, hand-edited images. From there, you can download + share them! There will also be no watermark, so you can see the beauty of the image, in its entirety.

Do you offer or deliver raw images?

I do not. When you hire me as your photographer, you are hiring my brand, which includes my editing styles. These are all aspects I work extremely hard on, and to perfect each + every single image!

What should i wear?

Short answer: wear something that you would feel comfortable in, something that makes you feel like you! If you need more guidance, feel free to ask me questions, or for my pinterest board that has a good selection of ideas and color choices!

What time of day is best for our session?

Any time of day works for me, but my preferred and most favorite time of day to shoot is golden hour! Golden hour is usually about a half hour before and a half hour after sunset. The lighting then is gorgeous, warm, and creates the most beautiful images. If that time doesn't work for you, let me know and we can shoot at a different time of day!

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